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All required material has high temperature (150 degrees), radiation resistant, corrosion resistant, self-lubricating, or insulating dielectric performance, working in a demanding environment of the parts, can consider to use high performance polymer materials. Key applications for such products is roughly as follows:


1:Automobile Industry: Near the loop of engine, exhaust pipe, brake pads, bearing, piston ring, timing gear;


2:Conveying machinery: Compressor, vacuum pump and generator parts, fasteners, spline fitting and electronic contact, etc;


3:Power generation industry, the nuclear industry: The structure of the required radiation resistant parts; Core material such as pellet.


4:In electronics, electrical appliances industry: Connectors, insulators, connectors, gaskets, LCD monitor, chip support making printed circuit board industry, insulation materials, heat resistant cable, terminal, socket;


5:Industrial machinery: Such as motor, pump and compressor insulation parts, shaft sleeve, sealing ring, piston rings, gears, bearings, and housing, etc. 7: commercial machinery, such as high-speed copiers and heat resistance of laser printers, paper separation claw, roller shaft end cover, the heat gear, the rotation pad and drive coupling, etc.), communication meeting, construction machinery, transmission and textile equipment, and other fields.