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SK series Polyimide molding powder


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SK series Polyimide molding powder

SK series Polyimide ultrafine powder

SK series Soluble polyimide ultrafine powder

SK bismaleimide resin

SK series epoxy resin

SK series Polyamide acid solution


SK series Polyimide molding powder


SK series Polyimide molding powder



Product Profile

The product has the feature of both high and low temperature resistance and radiation resistance, self-lubrication and creepresistance. The high-temperature injection moulding, extrusion moulding or compression molding process can be used.


Product Applications

1)The product can produce polyimide of high-temperature resistance, including plastics, parts, products.

2)The products are widely applied in aircrafe, aerospace, electric and electronic, hi-tech industry and so on. 


Product Form

Can supply molding powder, shapes (plank, bar, pipe) and parts.


Packing and storage

(1) Package: 10kg.

(2) Keep it in room temperature for two years.


Performance Form of SK-010

Testing items Testing standard Unit Brand
Appearance - - Yellow powder
Density GB1033 kg/m3 1420
Water absorption ≤(25℃, 24Hrs) GB1034 % 2.5
Tensile strength GB/T1040.1-2006 Mpa 80
Tensile strength GB/T1040.1-2006 % 5
Flexural strength GB9341-2000 Mpa 80
Flexural modulus GB/T9341-2000 Mpa 300
Compressive strength GB/T1041-2008 Mpa 100
Charpy impact strength GB/T16420-1996 - 25
Hardness Rockwell E / Rockwell E 40
Long-term maximum service temperature - 288
Short-term maximum service temperature - 360
Instant maximum service temperature - 430
T5(Air, 10℃/min) d TGA(STA449C/6/F) 570
Linear expansion coefficient GB/T2572-2005 4.7*10-5
The highest temperature of using - 360
Low temperature resistance - kV/mm -269
Dielectric constant GB1408 Ω 180
Surface resistivity GB1410 m3/ 1014
Rate of Volume wear GB3960 (N·m) 10-15
Friction coefficient GB3960 - 0.2
Remarks 1、 Characteristic value not guaranteed;
2、 The powder of the product can be mixed with glass fiber, carbon fiber, PTFE and graphite to produce composite materials.



Testing items Testing standard Unit Brand
SK-0110 SK-0120 SK-0130
Appearance - - Yellow powder Yellow powder Yellow powder
Resin characteristics - - Semicrystal Amorphous Amorphous
Density GB1033 kg/m3 1420 1400 1400
Water absorption ≤(25℃, 24Hrs) GB1034 % 0.6 0.6 0.6
Tensile strength GB/T1040.1-2006 Mpa 70 80 80
Elongation GB/T1040.1-2006 % 5 7 8
Flexural strength GB9341-2000 Mpa 80 100 100
Flexural modulus GB/T9341-2000 Mpa 2500 3000 2500
Compressive strength GB/T1041-2008 Mpa 150 120 150


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