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Polyimide new production development work

The product name

The main features

Application direction

Tg > 450 ℃ of polyimide materials

1% heat temperature > 500 ℃;
The thermal expansion coefficient of < 5 PPM/K (@ at room temperature to 400 ℃);
Young's modulus > 2 GPa; Tensile strength > 100 MPa

Resistance to high temperature field of aeronautics and astronautics (engine) can also be widely used

Colorless transparent polyimide film material


Large size flexible FPD display, optical waveguide materials, solar module, photosensor, FPC circuit board, substrate material is widely used in spacecraft batteries

With high strength and high modulus polyimide film material

The tensile strength >200MPa;
Elastic modulus > 6 gpa (unstretched film

Aerospace, space station application

Very low linear expansion coefficient of polyimide materials


Military field

Can be soluble in high temperature resistant polyimide materials


High temperature resistance and high toughness toughness and plastic composite material layers, glue adhesion agent, etc

Polyimide composite shaft sleeve

Compared with the pure plastic bushing,
Mechanics and dimensional stability performance is more outstanding

Aircraft engine, aircraft, missiles

Polyimide gas separation membrane


Carbon dioxide and methane in the biogas, separation of the nitrogen and oxygen in the air

2 - L without glue type polyimide flexible copper clad

High heat resistance, film glass transition temperature (Tg) of more than 330 ° C
Linear expansion coefficient, low CTE in 20 PPM/K, and Cu matching
Peel strength meet the requirements of the IPC for FCCL