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SK series polyimide moulding compound

SK series polyimide resin

SK series polyimide plastic injection

SK bismaleimide resin

SK series epoxy resin

SK series Polyamide acid solution

Number Name Grade Features and uses
1 Polyimide moulding compound SK-010 Output PI, thermal deformation temperature greater than 400 DEG C, used in the manufacture of aircraft engine parts, bearings, bearing, gasket, wear strip and other products.
2 Polyimide moulding compound SK-0110 High and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, self lubrication, creep resistance. Can be used for cigarette machine cigarette packets and other products.
3 Polyimide moulding compound SK-0120 It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, wear resistance, self lubrication and radiation resistance, and the thermal deformation temperature is 239 DEG C. It is used for high precision products such as guide ring, high temperature resistant insulation parts, gasket gasket and so on.
4 Polyimide moulding compound SK-0130 Long term use temperature 230 C. Can be used for sealing rings, piston rings and other products.
5 Soluble polyimide plastic SK-0170 The glass transition temperature is greater than 300 degrees, can be dissolved in polar solvents (DMF, DMAC, NMP, etc.), the product can be used for the production and processing of prepreg.
6 Soluble polyimide SK-0180 Glass transition temperature is greater than 290 degrees, can be used in a variety of solvents (DMF, DMAC, NMP, butyl lactone, etc.), the product can be used for the production and processing of prepreg.
7 Polyimide resin for FCCL SK-0190 Only using SK-0190 single layer PI film, not only can produce a good performance of the single side flexible copper clad laminate, but also can be economical and easy to produce double-sided adhesive free flexible copper clad laminate.
8 Polyamide imide plastic SK-0210 Long term use temperature of 260 degrees C, low expansion coefficient, wear resistance. Widely used in thrust washers, bearings, bushings and other products.
9 Polyimide plastic SK-0220 Amber particles, long-term use temperature of 180 degrees, high mobility, can be used to manufacture electronic, semiconductor, automotive parts, medical equipment and other products.
10 Polyimide plastic SK-0230 Light brown or brown particles, used in various parts and components of 230 DEG C.
11 bmi SK-0310 Low melting point, solubility, good solubility, good toughness, for the defense industry and other departments. Can be used as epoxy resin modifier.
12 epoxy resin SK-0430 High temperature resistant resin, amber transparent, lighter in color, can be used for pultrusion pipe, rod and composite products manufacturing.
13 polyamic acid solution SK-0910 PMDA PI resin, manufacturing film, fiber, coating, enameled wire products etc..
14 polyamic acid solution SK-0920 Ether anhydride type PI resin, water vapor resistance, used in the production of ductile film, coating, composite resin matrix.
15 polyamic acid solution SK-0930 PI resin, suitable for various coatings, high temperature adhesives, etc..
16 polyamic acid solution SK-0940 Bisphenol A two anhydride type PI resin, used in the production of films, coatings and other products, is a good toughening modifier.